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(STOS) is all about bringing a smile, positivity and optimism in the lives of small children who have been deprived of their childhood by losing their parents. It addresses the issues related to orphans and creating opportunities for them to live a happy life, particularly those residing in the Eastern part of Sierra Leone. It carries out awareness campaigns, organizes regional and national seminars and partners with other stakeholders, community members and organizations to combat the problems faced by orphaned children.

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When you help children, you are doing a wonderful thing, but the good you have done doesn't stop there. It spreads!


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  • Fatu Bangura ,

    With the continuous assistance from STOS, the future looks bright for the children. Thank you STOS for bringing smiles on the faces of the helpless.

  • Femi Kamara,

    STOS have been consistent and steadfast in helping us recover from various natural disasters and food shortages.

  • Francis,

    With the help of STOS has enabled us to protect the orphans from the COVID 19 virus, the children can stay home safe without going out to beg on the streets.

  • Prof. Alex Giggs,

    STOS has made orphans feel belonged as they remain consistent with their efforts even with limited resources. These young founders have been going above and beyond to support communities of orphans in their home country. Great job

  • Ross,

    STOS is the only local organization that been able to bring us food and basic needs to sustain us and the community.

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Making A Difference

There is no greater impact you can have on the future of our planet, than standing with the helpless and caring for our greatest resource, the innocent and deserving children who have been left to suffer. There are more than 140 million of them. Don’t you think they will have an impact on our world?